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 Stave Shell Drum Building In Depth By Bud Brownell

Do you Dream of Someday Being Able to Build Your Own Stave Shell Drums?

        Have you spent countless hours looking for information on how to build that perfect stave shell drum! 

Bud Brownell

You are not alone:

From the Workshop of Bud Brownell
January 3 2015   

           Hi fellow drum enthusiast. My name is Bud Brownell and as long as I can remember I have had a love of music and a love of woodworking. I built my first stave shell snare drum in 1997.

          I have decided to make a membership site for the video series. When you pay for the video series you will receive a user name and password. You can access the video series at any time of day with this information.

         I have had such a great response to my book on stave shell drum building it has inspired me to do a nine part instructional video series on stave shell drum building. If you are a drum builder or would like to become a drum builder or just want to build yourself a drum you will find this video series will increase your knowledge on drum building and help you to be a successful drum builder.

          There is no better way to learn than by watching someone do what you want to learn about. This video series is packed full of useful information on drum building. The video covers all aspects of stave shell drum building as done by B.C.W. Solid Wood Drums.

          Imagine quickly learning and advancing your knowledge of stave shell drum building. What could be better than going inside the shop here at B.C.W. and instantly learning what you need to know to be a successful drum builder. I have to tell you it was an exciting project making this video series. Now you can easily learn the techniques that took me years to perfect. I believe in sharing my knowledge with others and also that this is the best way to pass on this knowledge.

            I have to tell you if I had found this information when I was starting out building drums I would have bought it in a second and it would have put me years ahead of where I was then. There is no substitute for experience and experience is what you will get from watching this video series.

            This video series contains four hours and fifty minutes of video footage and was made up from over eight hundred video clips.

Stave Shell Drum Building In Depth By Bud Brownell

Stave Shell Drum Building In Depth
Video Series
  $49.95 USD
This Video Does Not Come In DVD Format 
            This Is A Nine Part Video Series On Stave Shell Drum Building. 
             This series contains nine twenty minute to half hour videos. 
           Join the B.C.W. Membership Club to view the video series online.

  In this video series you will learn about:

  Jointing lumber
  Thickness plaining
  Wood shaper
  Table saw
  Sanding on the lathe
  Orbital sanding
  Mitre saw
  Drill press
  Glue up
  Spraying lacquer
  Wet sanding
  Layout for staves
  Layout for hardware
  Dry fitting
  Using quarter cut lumber
  Mounting hardware
  Special jigs
  Various hand tools
  Router table
  Grain filling
  Snare beds
  Bearing edges
  Tongue and groove joinery

  And much much more!

              If you have an interest in drum building as a hobby or as a career this is a must have video series. The video covers the building of nine stave shell drums from lumber selection through to mounting hardware. Why waste time trying to learn when you can experience the building of these nine beautiful stave shell snare drums today. Below you can view the stave shell snare drums we will be building in the video series.

  You can cut your learning curve greatly. Why spend years accumulating this knowledge when you can learn it today. This video series is on a membership site so even if it’s 3 oclock a.m. you can still immediately buy the video series and view it.