Nazareth Darrell Sweet

I had the opportunity to play with the backing band for Nazareth for four nights in Halifax Nova Scotia. I have to tell you those guys were a great band to back up. They liked our band which was called Prime Time. They shared their food and drink with us and we all had a real good time.

I remember we were in the middle of our set and the place was packed full of Nazareth fans I looked over to the side of the stage and there was Darrell Sweet saying he wanted to play a couple of tunes with us. I jumped off the kit and he joined the band. I got the chance to go out front and hear what the band sounded like. It was amazing Nazareth let us use their P.A. that week and the sound couldn’t have been better.

I noticed that the kit was really loud and asked the sound man at break time about it. He said Darrell played about twice as loud as I did and he didn’t change the sound board. We had a good laugh over it.

The guys in Nazareth were really enjoying themselves because that was the last gig for their 20th anniversary tour and they were heading back to Scotland that week. They had us join them on stage for one tune on the final night I played a cow bell and it was really cool. The times were good back then and I miss them….

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