Welcome to B.C.W. Solid Wood Drums. We Are located in Ontario, Canada. Owner operator Bud Brownell built his first drum in 1997.

After years of studying the art of drum building we opened our online store in 2007. The sound quality feel and appearance of these drums is what makes them special. Take your drumming to a new level with a B.C.W. solid wood snare built to your specs

From shell material selection to the finest detail each drum is created to insure the best sound quality, performance and appearance. Stave shells have vertical grain this puts the bearing edge on the end grain allowing sound and resonance to travel naturally through the shell giving you a better sounding drum.

Stave shells have very little glue to inhibit the vibration of the shells this allows the shell to resonate better than a ply shell the resulting sound is amazing. Building a stave shell is like putting a tree back together the wood is in its natural state.




I have been following the internet drum market all along. I have seen the custom drum building industry growing. More drummers are looking for custom drums and more players are using solid wood drums. This has inspired me to work on perfecting my drum building skills to the point where I can build a consistently excellent product.


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