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             Welcome to B.C.W. Drums.com. We sell educational information on stave shell drum building. Education is important in whatever you choose to do in life. This book and video series go hand in hand. There will never be a better time to gain access to this valuable information.

                   The tips found in “Stave Shell Drum Building Tips by Bud Brownell” address some of the problems I encountered over the past years. This book also contains information on building useful jigs and hand tools and much more.

                   Also you will learn the width and angle to cut the staves for any size drum shell. Also it addresses the problems and solutions to doing hardware which can be a nightmare job to do. You should use the ideas in this book to guide you through the steps to building a better drum.

                   This information was not really available on line when I started building stave shells in 1997. So it took years of searching to find bits and pieces of good information.

                   Over time I learned by building and the experience I gained through that process taught me what I needed to know to do the best job that I could do.

                   I want to pass on to you some of the techniques and ideas I have learned over the years. Drum building requires multiple woodworking skills and an eye and desire for perfection.


                This is a seventy five page E book on stave shell drum building. Learn how to build stave shell drums get your copy today.

Stave Shell Drum Building Tips By Bud Brownell

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