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                    Welcome to B.C.W. Drums.com. We sell educational information on stave drum shell building. Education is important in whatever you choose to do in life.

                   This drum building tips eBook addresses some of the problems I encountered over the past years.  The eBook also contains information on building useful jigs and hand tools for advancing your drum shell building skills and much more.

                    Our educational information contains a lot of drum building tips and techniques you will find useful at understanding the process of building stave drum shells. You should use the ideas contained in this eBook to guide you through the steps to building a better drum shell.

                    A lot of it will depend on what machinery and hand tools you have access to and your woodworking experience. You will find you can be very creative in coming up with a system to build one drum shell with very little machinery and hand tools. This is a seventy five page eBook on stave drum shell building. 

                   Now you can quickly learn from what I have done with the art of stave drum shell building. Drum Building Tips are what a whole lot of builders are looking for. Just try to pick up tips from everyone as you do your research. Below is the index for the eBook.

Drum Building E Book Index:
Moisture Content
Drum Shell Layout
Stave or Ply Shell
Quarter Cut or Plain Sawn Lumber
Glue-up Jig
Sanding Jig
Sanding Table
Measuring Devices
Cutting Bearing Edges
Cutting Snare Beds
Router Table
Layout and Assembly Table
Drilling Jig
Drilling For Hardware
Curved Scrapers
Curved Sanding Blocks
Table Saw
Thickness Planer
Wood Shaper
Wet Sanding
Inside lathe work
Scroll Chuck
Dust Collection
Outside Calipers
Types of Wood and Sounds

    Note:  I am sending all copies of the eBook myself. Good luck with your adventures in drum building.


Stave Shell Drum Building Tips By Bud Brownell

Drum Building Book 

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$24.95 US